While Jesus Christ would want you to visit all the holy lands, he would also wish for you to embrace Christianity & visit the places where the less fortunate ones live such that you can practice your religious duties properly. If you have always wanted to experience some life-changing adventure that will boost your faith in religion, strengthen your spirituality, and enhance your knowledge of the Bible, then you must go out on a Christian vacation that takes you to dignified places of Jesus.

Each vacation as mentioned in this article has been designed towards fortifying the foundations of your faith in Christianity while you also get to enjoy an unforgettable experience of your life.

  • A trip to Israel: Your trip to the holy places of Christianity would be incomplete without exploring Israel –the birthplace of Jesus Christ in Nazareth. As you explore Israel, make sure to explore the place where the battle of Armageddon would take place nearby Megiddo. Make a crossing of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus simply walked on water.


Take an adventurous drive on the Dead Sea’s coastline. When you visit Israel, Jerusalem will be the highlight of your entire trip. Here, you can see for yourself the places where Jesus was crucified along with famous landmarks including the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and the Mount of Olives.


  • Explore the Paul Tour: Imagine yourself retracing the footsteps of the great Apostle Paul and experiencing the journey of his missionary lifetime. Travel across the Macedonia wherein Paul was called upon to go for in a dream. Explore Berea & Thessaloniki where Apostle Paul had observed the willingness to study the Word. The exploration of the Paul Tour can help you unravel the road from past to the present –from contemporary to the ancient worlds wherein Christianity first spread to the Gentiles.


  • Take the Christian Cruise: A typical Christian cruise will help in incorporating all the informative seminars from the leading inspirational speakers towards delivering you a spiritually uplifting experience. In such a cruise experience, you will get to enjoy an amazing fellowship with like-minded believers and worship the God with live appreciation & praises as you keep sailing. There are several types of Christian cruises that you can come across around the world including single, family, seniors, couples, and even retreat cruises.


  • Oxford England Tour: The admirers of C. S. Lewis will not be able to resist an opportunity to visit the hometown of the world-popular British author –locate in Oxford, England. Here, you can visit some of the most famous historical sites including landmarks in Oxford, London, and Cambridge. You can also get the chance to join the C. S. Lewis Foundation for a specific summer seminar organized at his residence. Spend your night in the beloved home of C. S. Lewis –“The Kilns” and experience a truly unforgettable night of your life.


Make your way to these trips or vacations towards enlightening yourself more about Christianity!

The Best Christian Vacations You Must Not Miss