Los Siervos de Jesus relies heavily on the support of local businesses and our community of followers to keep the online classes running and maintain the website with the latest topics covered in lectures, since everything is volunteer based.  Over the years, many different companies and charities have donated money to help us in this way, and we acknowledge and thank them for their contributions.   This week, a local company hvacalbany.com, generously donated a large sum of money to us that will go a long way toward keeping us up and running for a long time.  This has allowed us to maintain the light of hope and ray of sunshine even in the hours of darkness.  Community of fellow friends in Christ, please add this local business to your prayers this week, as they have answered ours.  In addition, we would like to announce that in the coming Summer months, we will be hosting an in person, reading day where we have invited a famous author in the religious sector to stop in, speak, and participate with us as we examine the next set of stories in the Bible, according to Genesis.  We have yet to chose an exact date, but the event will be held on a Saturday from 9 AM – 3 PM.  Lunch is being sponsored by our local pizzeria, Mark’s, so thank you to them as well.

Local Community Support & Upcoming Events