We’re at the end of February, and we are at the eighth day of the lent season. The past 14th was Ash Wednesday; this day originates from an old Jewish tradition were the practices include wearing ashes on the forehead. The ashes signify the dust from which God creates us. “Remember, you are dust, and to dust, you shall return.”

The term “Lent” comes from a Latin root that means “to lengthen.” This refers to spring; the sun will stay a little more each evening to settle beyond the horizon. The weather will be warmer, and we’ll see life emerging once more in every flower, tree, fruit, etc. Lent should be our connection point to the season of life. Beautiful, don’t you think?

Lent is a season of reflection, penance, and fasting. In this period, we’ll prepare for Christ’s resurrection the next Easter Sunday where we’ll achieve redemption. It’s an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with God and appreciate the miracle of life. Lent is a valuable time of self-examination; are you kind? Do you help others? What are you doing to make this world a better place? Are you continuing the message of Christ?

Sundays in Lent don’t count because each Sunday embodies a mini Eater and the joyfully waiting for resurrection. One of the most common practice during this period is fasting, namely, to give up something. We should try to find a way to confront our sinfulness, be thankful for our lives, remember our mortality, and keep God in our lives. We tend to forget all these things throughout the year, and Lent is an epoch to reconnect ourselves with the creator.

Over time we let our hearts and mind unattended, and things could get difficult. Lent invites us to deal with all the mess, and notice our lives carefully. Feel your emotions, hear your mind, try to connect with your inner-self again. God gives us an opportunity to see the miracle of life and our purpose on the earth. Take this time to go deeper into your relationship with yourself, with others, and of course, with the creator.

Lent allows you to see the parts of yourself that are covered up. It invites you to go to the light no matter how dark your life is right now; the liberation is within you. By the end, when Easter comes, you should know that the message is simple: death doesn’t have the last world, life does. You’re resurrecting with God, knowing that you’re alive, that you have to treasure every single moment of your life, and leaving behind all the darkness that keeps you away from light.

Appreciate this season, and be willing to reflect and meditate on your life. Be humble before God, and he’ll show you the way to the light. Every person is free to walk this path in its unique way, in the end, you’ll feel a genuine spiritual renewal.

Lent season: Days for reflecting, pray, and be thankful