St. Francis is one of the most famous and renowned saints in the Church history. He has been so significant in the Church proceedings that the world-famous Pope Francis also chose to inherit his holy name. With 24th October being his Memorial Day, it is good to know about this pious man and how he brought a sense of immense spirituality amongst his followers.

Here are some of the facts about St. Francis of Assisi that you would like to know & share:

  • Saint Francis of Assisi is believed to have been born in 1181 or 1182 (not exact) and died around 1226. As such, he lived only for around 44 or 45 years. He was born & died in Assisi, Italy, somewhere near Rome.


  • Although several people take up new names after entering the spiritual & religious life, it is not exactly the manner St. Francis of Assisi received his holy name. He was born with the name as John Giovanni di Bernardone. However, during his infancy, Francis’s father Pietro (Peter) had started calling him with the name Francesco (the Frenchman).


  • During his early family life, Saint Francis of Assisi lived in a well-to-do family as his father was a wealthy silk merchant. As per the records of the Catholic Encyclopedia, St. Francis was not immensely studious and thus, his literary education could not be completed. Though he was earlier associated with his father in the trade, he did not have much liking for the silk trading business.


  • Saint Francis of Assisi also took part in the military. As per the Catholic Encyclopedia, when Francis was about 20 years in age, he went out with the local townsmen for fighting in the Perugians in one of the small skirmishes that were highly frequent at those times between the rival towns.


  • About his life & thoughts changing to deep religion & spirituality, it is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia that after returning to Assisi during 1205, as Francis was praying in front of the ancient crucifix inside the chapel of St. Damien, he heard a heavenly voice that said “Go Francis, repair my house which you can observe falling into ruins”. Taking this note literally, Francis went to the shop of his father, gathered a lot of colored drapery, and mounted on his horse to go to Foligno. There, he sold both the horse & the drapery to receiving money that was needed for the restoration of the St. Damian’s Chapel.


  • Francis of Assisi was inspired by Matthew 10.9 wherein Jesus propagates to his disciples “Do not receive any silver or gold or copper to take along with you in your belts” when they would travel across towards preaching the Gospel. St. Francis got inspired to do the same and began traveling across the world for preaching repentance in poverty.


Know about these facts about St. Francis of Assisi to enhance your religious knowledge.

All You Need to Know About St. Francis of Assisi